Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Web Application Configuration Using Java

I just spent 4+ hours on a bug that was extremely nuanced. If you name a servlet default, you will not be able to access any of the static pages. This means:


will prevent all static content from being accessed through the application server. It will give you 404 errors as if the content doesn't exist. Hope this helps someone else save some time, it definitely cost me some.

For this problem, I was using Jetty with a open folder instead of a war file.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally got my router configuration done

Let me tell you, setting up 2 routers to work on the same subnet to share files is no easy task. It is also something that I could not find very good information on. Every post and documentation I could find continued to ask why would you do it. So, I will start off with the why I needed to do it.

I have an airport extreme that is broadcasting over 802.11n (the a spectrum to reduce interference) and I needed to connect my Playstion 3 and my Tivo to the network for updates and schedule changes. So I needed a 802.11g router to help me connect those to the internet. First thing I did was the obvious, I took my old 802.11g router that I've installed DD-WRT on (quite possibly the best open source firmware out there) and I plugged the WAN port of the WRT into an airport extreme LAN port. That gave me the internet I wanted. That was easy, but....not really what I wanted because you cannot share files or folders accross different subnets. So instead of explaining all of the trials and tribulations that I just went through, I will tell you the right way to do it and hopefully help out some people the way I've been helped out on the internet!

First thing I will do is describe the layout. Here are my assumptions for this tutorial:
  1. You have 2 routers.
  2. You have DD-WRT installed (if you read this you probably can figure out your own settings if you don't have it installed but it is all I have for reference)
  3. You have some experience setting up a router
There will be a master router and a slave router. The master router will have the internet directly connected to it. First thing to do is connect the master LAN out to the WAN in port on the slave. Go into the setup tab under dd-wrt's configuration page ( and select disabled from the "internet connection type." Save your changes!

Before moving on, be sure that the slave router wireless settings are all set the way you want them to be because once you do this next step you will have to reset the router to get back into the setup page.

Now you need to define the gateway as the IP address of the master router. This will let that router handle the DHCP address managment. Next make sure that the subnets are the same (just double check, I haven't seen one yet that isn't Now that you have those things done, go ahead and turn DHCP off on the slave router. Click save and that should be it. You should now be able to share filees, internet and more through all ports wireless and wired. If this helps or if there is something missing out of these instructions, leave a note and I'll fix it appropriately. I will get snap shots up when I get it done and a picture of what my setup looks like now. Good luck!